Andrei Chino


Andrei Chino is an artist, designer and filmmaker working with the human perception of the world around basing on facial recognition in every single object and composition (Theory of Found Faces). He believes that all the emotions hidden in the objects around have a great impact on our lives. Keeping this in mind he creates objects of art and design aimed to release living energy, sexuality, and humorous view on things.


Andrei Chino is an artist working with the perception of human personality in the era of Internet and Social media. In his works, he raises the question of who a person really is outside the framework and concepts of society.

In his sculptures, the artist explores the discrepancy between the inner self of a person and his outer manifestation in society.

Digital works are more focused on the problems of mutual perception of each other by people through social networks, because these days this is how the first contact between people most often occurs.


Andrei Chino (Andrei Druchinin) was born in Kazan, Russia in 1989. 

He graduated from Kazan State University of Architecture and Engineering (2006-2012) with a speciality in Interior design. Together with his wife, Ekaterina Chino, they started an interior design studio.

In 2006 started to practice in handmade and computer graphics, photography and street-art.

In 2019 he started working in the field of contemporary portraiture.

He graduated from RMA Gallery business and Art management (2016-2017) and also was a listener to open lectures in UCLA and Sci-Arc universities in Los Angeles.

The artist works with paintings, sculpture, digital art and photography. Lives and works in Moscow.


2020 – Isolation. Living oneself, LoosenArt gallery, Rome, IT

2020 – Transitions and Displacements, LoosenArt gallery, Rome, IT

2020 – Silent cities, LoosenArt gallery, Rome, IT

2021 – Overcame, Sevens Grant Foundation (online)

2021 – Proof of Playboy, Playboy event, ArtBasel Miami Beach, US

2022 – Art of Gender and Sexuality, Playboy x Sevens Grant (online)

2022 – NFC Lisbon, PT

2022 – Blazar contemporary art fair, Moscow, RU

2022 – CADAF NYC digital art fair, New York, US


2019 – Shortlisted designer, Lexus Design Award Russia Top Choice

2020 – Honorable mention, Monovisions Photography Awards

2020 – Winner, ArtGuide Russia Covid-19 art contest

2020 – Portfolio review winner, Bird In Flight Prize

2021 – Sevens Grant recipient 

2022 – Playboy x Sevens Grant recipient

2022 – First selection, Arte Laguna Prize 17, Venice, IT